Pierre was born a slave in Haiti, where he was baptized Catholic. He was brought to New York City, where he was apprenticed to a hairdresser. When offered his freedom, Toussaint refused so that he could continue to support his mistress financially. On her death he was freed and four years later married Juliette Noel. They adopted his niece, took in orphans, and had many foster sons. The Toussaints were philanthropists and leaders in the black community, helping to found the first Catholic school for black children in New York, establishing a credit bureau and employment agency, and nursing cholera patients. A daily communicant, Toussaint was the first layperson to be buried beneath the main altar at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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All Souls Day

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Service includes Lighting of Candles

and Naming of those we Remember

6.00 pm Sunday 31 October

Music provided by St John's Choral Scholars

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Sunday 14 November
10.30 am in church
with Act of Remembrance at
10.55 am

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We Will Remember Them


Advent Carols
with music from Handel's Messiah
and much loved hymns

Sunday 28 November
6 pm in church and livestream
with St John's Choral Scholars


Thursday 6th January, 7 pm

Music from St John’s Choral Scholars, including

Missa de Angelis - 9th Century Gregorian

Three Kings from Persian Lands Afar - Cornelius

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