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Demand for this service has been rising rapidly with over 600 people per week using the service currently - this is more than double the usual. The numbers are likely to carry on rising while the food that is needed for donation are the same items that are missing from supermarket shelves. Hammersmith and Fulham foodbank are in good heart, working closely with the borough council who are committed to supporting them, and have worked out an arrangement with wholesalers to get supplies.








A social enterprise which helps facilitate online donations of food direct to Foodbanks; they make sure that they are delivering the most needed items of food. Bankuet makes it easier for you to give food banks what they need, when they need it … so more people don’t go to bed hungry.



Money donations to foodbank mean that they can go direct to the wholesaler and buy what is needed. You can choose whether donations are used only for food, or can also be used for the things that enable the foodbank to do its work - the van that collects the food, the phone that takes people's calls, the rent for the building where they work.

Foodbank do much more than provide food parcels, they provide support and training in skills, mental health, finances - to find out more, follow the link below

Thank you very much for your support of the Foodbank.

Or go straight to food donation

Or go straight to foodbank donation

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Foodbank Christmas
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