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After two false starts, it with relief and a certain amount of chagrin that I can say that this project is ready. Over the next two weeks, there will be a series of quotes from the book on our FaceBook page and the Home page of the Website; the series will run through Lent.

Trained as a journalist, Philip Yancey has a knack of writing books that tackle questions of faith in ways that

are readable and absorbing. This book on Prayer is no exception; we benefit from a journalist’s tenacity to get to the heart of the matter and be able to talk plainly about what they found; his years as a thinking and committed Christian mean that we find we are joining a fellow traveler on the road, rather than an expert in theory.



You can buy the book and read it, new £8/used £4.

We have some copies in the church library available to borrow.

Each day in Lent, you will be able to listen to a reading from it,

posted on FaceBook and the Website.

The book is a good read even on a busy day, each chapter is broken into 5-10 minute sections that are worthwhile in themselves – I found it helpful to read the book like that whether busy or not, it gives time to savour the thought before moving on. It is a hugely helpful book by a popular author which I find myself going back to again and again as an encouragement and help in faith as much as in prayer.  

Lent Book

Café Church
Bible Study

Led by Mother Tina
9.30 to 10.30 am
Meeting On Line

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Cafe Church continues to meet online, uniting people in Fulham, Putney, the Midlands and Dover. We've just begun to study the Gospel of St Matthew, the gospel we will hear read most often on Sundays until Advent 2023, but we're also looking forward to doing the Difference Course at some point in the New Year, and when we do we will give plenty of notice so that other people can join us. 


The Difference Course explores following Jesus in a complex and divided world, seeing transformation through everyday encounters. You can find out more about the Difference Course here: 


There is no Cafe Church on December 21st or January 11th but there will be a post-Christmas catch-up meeting on the 28th.  

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