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Farmers Market

Content is provided by Fulham Farmers Market,

and does not indicate endorsement by St John's Church

At a time like this people really should be eating the freshest food they can get and as some people are finding it very difficult to even get food, we have decided that we will open Fulham Farmers’ Market to give people another option.  From our other market in Brook Green we see that people view shopping at a market a better environment than a supermarket, people are out in the open and there is room to social distance.

Current Produce
things will get added as time goes on
Please Note

Open every Saturday and may even open extra day if popular.

Elderly and vulnerable: 9  - 10 am

Everyone else: 10am till 1pm.

Please don't all rush in at 10am,

there will be plenty.

Please try to limit the amount of people that come from one household.

All necessary precautions to safeguard hygiene and welfare.


Please only touch what you will buy, don't touch food and put it back.


If you have any symptoms like coughing or a temperature please stay away.

Our market is open air with plenty of space so one can keep a distance from other people. Please can you try to keep a distance of to 2m from each other.


No tables and chairs or street food at the moment

Seasonal British organic, biodynamic and naturally grown fruit and veg, we will have 2 farmers at the market to start with


Grass fed meat, poultry direct from the farmer


Fresh fish direct from the fishermen


Free range eggs direct from the farmer


Fresh handmade pasta made locally in London from the producer


British, Irish, French, Italian cheese and charcuterie


Artisan organic bread from the producer


Olives, antipasti, harissa, pesto etc




Vegan deli style stall selling vegan cheese,

vegan sausages etc


Wine from purveyors of fine boutique wine


Everything you need for a good healthy diet!

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