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Save the Bees!

Good news for bee-lovers. A pesticide called thiamethoxam has been officially banned in the UK. According to Bees for Development, about one third of all our food comes from plants pollinated by bees but bee numbers continue to decline. Why? A number of reasons: the ongoing creeping spread of urban areas, single-crop farming and, worst of all, pesticides.

How can you help?

Different bees are active throughout the year so having a mix of different flowers allows them to thrive. Balconies, gardens and window boxes can provide safe haven not matter how small. Here are some examples of plants rich in nectar and pollen: lavender, hawthorn, honeysuckle, crocus, snowdrop, rosemary and marjoram. Alternatively, try something like this beebomb ( on any area of cleared ground.

By Leo Bear

The joy of bees

Bees, bees,

Pollen sacks on their knees,

What a beautiful sight,

Watching them take flight.

Nectar from a flower,

Give them their power,

And they give us delicious honey!

What more could we ask for?

So please don’t use your pesticides

On humble, precious bees.

(By Clem Campbell, 11)

Thanks to Leo and Clem for their contribution to the current news-round. If you have something to contribute please email your idea to Thanks Chris

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