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Years R+ in mind

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Café Church

Led by Mother Tina
9.30 to 10.30 am
Meeting on line
and in person

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Starting on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February and ending on Wednesday 29th March, we invite you to join us for The Difference Course. 


The Difference Course explores following Jesus in a complex and divided world, seeing transformation through everyday encounters. 


Navigating a divided and complex world can be hard. We encounter this in our relationships, in our communities and in our wider systems and structures. Many of us long to make a difference, but often we don’t know how to respond or where to start. This is why Archbishop Justin Welby has brought together leading practitioners and thinkers to create Difference, equipping you to cross divides, navigate disagreement and pursue a just and flourishing world.

Across five sessions, Difference teaches three habits that have the potential to transform everyday relationships

You can find out more about the Difference Course here: 


As usual the Cafe Church sessions will take place online each Wednesday between 9.30am and 10.30am but they will be hosted in the midweek chapel/the meeting room at the church so people can attend in person as well, which means we will be able to offer you an actual cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer)!

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