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Returning to Church: Guidelines and What to Expect

Booking Tickets

Why do we need to book?!

To make sure that we have enough seats in the right groups to fit everyone in quickly and easily.

We don't want people waiting in the rain, while we move seats around!

You don't need to, but it really helps.

How do we book?

On line: Eventbrite                      Telephone the Church Office: 020 7385 7634

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Fr Chris: 07766 475743

Returning to Church

What to Expect

  • A steward welcomes you and will invite you in.

  • Please wear a mask and use the hand gel.

  • We'll ask for contact details for track and trace.

  • We remain seated through the service

  • There is music, but no singing at the moment.

  • Priests and Readers remain at 2.5 metre distance when speaking and not wearing masks.

  • The Bread for Communion is kept covered during the consecration prayer

  • The priest will wear a mask and clean their hands before giving communion.

  • You can receive communion or stay seated.

  • You don't need to wear a mask at communion.

  • Communion is given into your hands.

  • If the priest thinks they have touched a hand, they will cleanse theirs before continuing.

  • We return to our seats following the arrows.

  • Please stay seated, until stewards invite you to leave - this is to prevent crowding at the exits.

  • We are able to gather in the North Yard for a chat and social after Mass.

Keeping One Another Safe

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