Sundays and Principal Holy Days

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meaningful connections

There are moments and times in our lives where meaningful connections are made – they can be a personal moment in a place or moment in time; they can be the connections made between people or within a community – a moment alone by the sea, the help of a stranger on a journey, working with others on a project then scattered to the four winds. These connections may be accidental and unexpected, but they can live with us for the rest of our lives. They can feel deeply spiritual, whether that’s a moment with God or a moment with another human being.


Through the autumn we’ll be exploring these times of connection, looking at how the people of God have built them into the fabric of faith and life, in order to be able to explore, sustain and deepen those most fundamental of connections: between people and the possibility of God, in the life of the household and community, and living in the community that is this planet home we share with all creation.