February PCC (Church Council)- Developing the Community Hub

‘At the heart of Fulham’ is not just a tag line, many people come through our doors needing practical, emotional and spiritual support. Part of our response is through the night shelter, the parish lunch, and our community facility - especially the Nursery. In our parish, 20% of children and 30% of over 60s live below the poverty line and the issues have increased with Covid; someone spoke of waiting over three hours in a foodbank queue in heavy rain—which speaks volumes of the seriousness of the poverty many are facing in our parish.

Before Covid-19 there was already interest in how we might grow our outreach from Glassdoor and local doctor’s surgeries. Building on our pastoral mission these are some of the options that the PCC will be exploring at its meeting in February:

Homeless Day Centre: providing practical help 7 - 9.30am

Drop-in Café: healing, community, support 10 - 11.30 am

Community: Toddler Group, Film Club 60+... from 10 am

Support: Job Club, Money Course... from 10 am

Debt Support in Meeting Room - see capuk.org

Daily Parish Meal - brings people together for a good meal at low cost using surplus food. www.foodcycle.org.uk

Volunteers trained for ’enhanced conversation’ with people in challenging circumstances.

Please let us know what you would be interested in supporting or helping with after Covid: vicar@stjohnsfulham.org

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