Music - Engineering for Livestream and other titbits

The choir returned in September to sing for the mass. This quickly presented problems, with the livestream kit for speech not able to reproduce the music that the choir is providing. Since then, we have been working on solutions. Now, with some expert help, some equipment designed for music, and a move to YouTube, we will see the last part completed: linking in our existing sound system into the livestream.

This also gives us the ability to make recordings of organ and choir—the website music pages have been updated with music tracks and information.

It also means we can livestream concerts. With the choir working on a new repertoire, Domenico and I are hoping to try this out in March. We are fully expecting live-streaming to be a permanent service that we offer in the years ahead.

Lastly, just a note of thanks and celebration for the Christmas Carol services, supported by the Saxophone quartet outside and the choir inside. These were both much valued occasions and the one-off outdoor Carol Service looks like it may become a fixture, alongside the existing choral Carol Service.

Our thanks to Tom Briggs for his work on sound, and Simone for the Saxophone quartet.

Domenico and Chris

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