less than half vaccinated in Hammersmith and Fulham!

It's staggering that less than half of Hammersmith and Fulham have been vaccinated against coronavirus. This is not just about 'me', it's about those I am closest to, about neighbours and community, about protecting the most vulnerable.

For Christians and Jews, at the heart of our faith is the command to 'Love our neighbour as ourselves' - and that belief is true for most people. But love is not a feeling, love is the actions that we take that show our care - that show that others matter to us.

Some say the Church should speak out strongly about ethical issues, others say, keep to religion - well this is about religion and ethics and the need to speak out strongly - we should all be getting our vaccinations booked, unless our doctor has told us otherwise. Since March 2019 - I have had five times the number of funerals than we would normally get in the same period. Please, for the sake of others, if not for ourselves, we should book our vaccination today. Fr Chris

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