Inside the Building during Lockdown

During lockdown, and as part of our commitment to keeping everyone safe, we employed a regular cleaner, his name is Alex. When the building has been closed, he has been able to get to some more meaty tasks, one of which has been cleaning the carpet in the nave. Despite it’s age (and heavy rain!) it looks so much better than before. It’s great to know it’s clean for wandering babies and toddlers, and for school visits and activities.

Busy churches tend to find that storage is an issue: there’s never enough and it rarely gets cleared out. Fr Chris, Margaret and Alex have found all sorts of things: cleaning materials scattered in many places, a goodly collection of alcohol, 700 church branded folders, 500 litres of Christmas decorations and four Santa costumes!

We now have a proper cleaning and maintenance cupboard, a table store where we don’t have to joust with mops, and space! The church has had a thorough tidy as well, though the benefits of that won’t be seen until we can get all the chairs back in. We are happy to say that the old organ has gone to do it’s last useful work— rather than landfill, Allen organs collected it and will be recycling its parts for other organs.

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