Children's Choir

The choir is formed of children aged 7+ and it was founded to provide a breadth of singing voices in worship, in line with the church’s commitment to support the development of music in the community.


The children’s choir provides incredibly solid musical training for young people.


Together, the children learn the fundamentals of singing, reading music and singing in harmony.

They also gain the experience of singing alongside our professionally trained Choral Scholars.

Singing in a choir enables young people to strengthen key life-skills: building confidence, commitment, team working, and self-discipline.

Life in the choir is thus challenging, rewarding, and exciting.


The choir is led by the Director of Music and a singing teacher, and it currently rehearses every other Sunday from 5-6 pm.


The children sing two family Masses per month, occasionally joining the Choral Scholars for services at Christmas and Easter, as well as in Summer concerts.

Would like to join the choir? Click here!