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Music at the Heart of Fulham


St John’s Church, Fulham, is looking for volunteer musicians to form our first ever Music/Worship Band.

St John’s is an inclusive, modern Anglo-Catholic church at the very heart of Fulham, with a wide, multicultural community, and thriving musical life.

In recent years, the church has been growing a reputation for its high standard of music-making: we have one of London’s best Choral Scholarships programme, a burgeoning children’s choir, and a number of affiliated musical partners (including an internationally acclaimed opera company!)

As part of our music development plan, we are now calling for musicians of all ages, both singers and
, to take actively part in our first ever worship band.

We are particularly looking for people with a passion for the modern catholic/worship repertoire, experience in singing and/or playing an instrument to at least good amateur/semi-professional standard, who are excellent team-workers, and share the values and the ethos of the Christian faith.

An ideal organic would consist of: 2+ singers; 1 keyboard player; 2+ guitar/electric guitar players; 1 bass player; flute/woodwind players; trumpet/saxophone/brass players; 1 drummer and/or percussionist.

For more details, or to express interest, please write to the Director of Music: or call the church office on 020 7385 7634, Mon-Fri between 9:30-12:30.

Informal interviews, and a collective meeting, will be organised by the Director of Music and the Vicar in due course.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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