Baptism preparation


Baptism or 'Christening' are freely available at St John's. We're hope to share in your preparation for this big event in your child's life...

The Challenge

Baptism is about becoming a member of the Body of Christ represented by a specific Christian community. It's also about celebrating the joy that your family feel at the new life and the changes that this child has made to your relationships, your family and your priorities.

We want you to be able to enjoy your child's baptism and feel that you can make the promises with a clear conscience and a good idea of what's involved. So we've worked hard on 3 objectives:    

  • To enable you to have a clearer understanding of baptism and the community of faith they are asking to join
  • To ensure you are explicitly welcomed and cared for in our congregation by a recognised and duly authorised team
  • And to enable the congregation to support you by their prayers as you prepare for your child's baptism

The Group

Families preparing for baptism will meet on (usually) the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Parish Office. You can join the group at any point but will need to attend 3 meetings and attend the 10am Parish Mass at least 3 Sundays out of 5 in the preparation period.

The course content

Using ‘Your baby’s baptism’ as a source book the three sessions will cover different areas and allow for different questions around these three topics. We aim to ensure you understand what baptism is and that your baby's baptism will make him/her a member of the Body of Christ, also that you'll deepen your understanding of the family of the Church and the way in which God is the source of all our loving.

Course Cost

Baptism is God's free gift to us and so there is no charge for the Sacrament but parents are asked to contribute £10 to cover the costs of the baptism course (booklet, tea & coffee, etc).


‚ÄčPlease download this form files/Baptism_Application_Form.docfill in the information and return it to the Parish Office. Please note that a baptism is only ‘booked’ by speaking to Fr Mark and agreeing a date with him.




8.30am Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30am Parish Mass (CW) with choir, Crèche and Sunday School
6.00pm Mass in the Weekday Chapel
6.30pm Parish Surgery for enquiries about banns of marriage, baptisms, house blessings, etc.
9.00am Holy Hour and Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass in the Weekday Chapel
11.00am Lunch Club activities
12.30pm Lunch Club dinner is served!
9.00am Holy Hour and Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass with Anointing of the Sick in the Weekday Chapel
11.00am Mass in Farm Lane Residential Centre monthly; see calendar for details
11.30am Latin Line Dance with Open Age H&F
2.30pm Mass in St John's CE School
The church is open from 8am till late for prayer in the Weekday Chapel - come in and light a candle.
10.00am Stations of the Cross Weekday Chapel
The church is open from 8am till late for prayer in the Weekday Chapel - come in and light a candle.


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